Central Coast Renaissance Festival Returns July 16 & 17

Get ready to step into the year 1585
when Queen Elizabeth I was England’s magnificent monarch. This is the age of legendary 
characters like William Shakespeare, Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir Francis Drake and a host of famous Dukes, Earls, Lords and Ladies, and you’ll see them all here in all their finery. Remember to remove your hat as Her Majesty parades the streets with her stunning Royal Court. It’s all happening at the Central Coast Renaissance Festival. 


Relax on a shady haybale and watch riotous stage plays and hilarious comedy acts on four stages throughout the village. See authentic Elizabethan dancing, plays, singing, a falconry show, magic, juggling and crazy buffoonery. Throughout the village you’ll see living history demonstrations. The entertainment is amazing and continuous throughout the day on the stages and throughout the village. Go here to see the entertainment lineup.


Lady Lincoln Surveying The Crowd

Food At Central Coast Renaissance FestivalTreat your tastebuds to a bounty of delicious foods such as BBQ Beef Stick • Chicken Stick • Dragon Dog • Ice Cream • Italian Ice • Meat Pies • Pan Fried Rice & Noodles • Polish Dog • Pretzels • Shrimp Stick • Vegetarian Roll • salads and more. Of course, there are those famous gigantic fire-roasted turkey legs that people love to wave about.  Enjoy the Queen’s finest ales, beer, and wine while being entertained by musicians, rogues and dancers.

Watch peasants, soldiers, merchants and royalty strolling about the village while you enjoy your feast. They, too, are enjoying this summer marketplace just as you are. Don’t be surprised when they greet you in the Queen’s tongue – just say “Good Day” in return. You’ll find yourself slipping into Elizabethan in no time.

You’ll be delighted by over 50 of the finest craftsmen selling unique arts, crafts and sundry goods. From hand thrown pottery to drinking vessels, there is something for every taste and budget. Gentlemen always enjoy shopping from the sword and leather merchants, while ladies can’t resist the array of fine clothing and jewelry. You can even have your hair braided into the most beautiful designs and get a henna tattoo. You’re sure to find a special gift for yourself and someone else.

Sunday is “Be A Pirate” Day

In years past, we have not allowed our participants or vendors to be pirates at the Central Coast Renaissance Festival. We wanted to keep this strictly an Elizabethan-themed event. We recognize the popularity of the pirate theme, due largely to the Pirates of The Caribbean movies, and so this year we are allowing our participants to be pirates (if they wish) on Sunday only, July 17. Vendors can also display pirate goods on that day. 


We even have a pirate ship. Kids and adults can board and tour the ship.

At Buccaneer Boot Camp kids get balloon swords and learn basic sword work so they can challenge our pirate crew in a sword fight safely and accurately with their cutlass balloons. While in training we also teach them various sailor and pirate terminology so they can sound like an outstanding Pirate! Will end with a song. 

So, you’ll find a different look and new characters on Sunday, plus some antics that take advantage of the theme.  That’s a good reason to get a two-day pass! Aarrrrrr!

19799619470_68c33f90d7_mThere is something for all ages. We didn’t forget the youngsters, who will enjoy face painting, Shetland pony rides, storytelling, a magic show and games just for them.

Dress them up for the very popular children’s costume contest where everyone gets something and the winners take away prizes. Sunday’s contest will be pirate themed. They can also board the pirate ship. They’ll love the ice cream and Hawaiian Shave Ice.

Bring your friends and family for the time of your life. There simply is no other event like this in San Luis Obispo County, and it only happens on one weekend – July 16 & 17 in the Enchanted Forest of San Luis Obispo’s beautiful Laguna Lake Park. 

FaireVisitors.PhotobyRickSmithCostumes Welcome But Are Not Required
Don’t think that you have to wear a costume to attend the festival. This is not true! Only the participants putting on and participating in the festival are required to wear costumes (we call it “garb”). You may come as you wish. 

However, you are more than welcome to come in a full costume, or perhaps simply wear a peasant blouse, hair wreath or hat that makes you feel more a part of the fantasy. Check out Goodwill for some inexpensive costume pieces. There are plenty of vendors in the festival who have everything you might wish to purchase, from hats, shirts, bodices and breeches to handmade boots and shoes, you’ll find everything needed to become an Elizabethan at any level from peasant to royalty.

If you wish to purchase an inexpensive, ready-made costume, click here.

If you do want to put together a costume, we highly recommend Elizabethan Costuming For The Years 1550-1580 as your guide (it’s also a good shopping guide). It is the best costuming book available for creating a Renaissance costume. You can order it by clicking the link below:

Click To order Elizabethan Costuming (For The Years 1550 – 1580)Elizabeth Costuming Book

Click here to see a great collection of individual costume patterns.

Want to learn more about life in Elizabethan England? Click here …

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