The Central Coast Renaissance Festival is produced by History Revisited, a non-profit corporation founded in September, 1992 for the purpose of re-enacting historical time periods for the education and entertainment of the public. Our primary focus in the Renaissance period.

We do this by producing events, attending events as a group, and providing workshops for the public either at schools or other venues.

We do all of this with the help of our members, who provide assistance in the production and advertising of our events, recruitment of actors, entertainers and vendors for the events. If you would like more information about History Revisited, we can be contacted with the information below. We’d love to have you join us in producing the Renaissance Festival.

Board Chair, Ray Baynham
Entertainment Coordinator, Rick Smith
History Revisited President, Karl Jacobson 

Vendor Coordinator, Barbara Shrum 805-441-5868
Guild Coordinator, Michael Teubner (805) 674-7628

Media Coordinator, Rick Smith (888) 744-9381 Calls From Media Only 

Peasant Parade