2015 Participant Applications

2015 Entertainment, Vendor, Guild & Volunteer Applications

We welcome your interest in participating in the 31st annual Central Coast Renaissance Festival to be held on July 18 & 19, 2015. Application forms and information for entertainers, vendors, guilds and volunteers are now available, below.

The festival is being held at Laguna Lake Park, a beautiful location in the heart of San Luis Obispo. We saw a significant increase in attendance when we moved the faire to this site in 2013 and expect an even larger crowd this year so be prepared, especially food vendors.

RVs We have space for up to 75 contained camping units. There are no hookups or sewage dump stations.

We will be controlling the parking and ask that you park close to your neighbor to allow the maximum number of units to share the space.

We allow tent camping on site. This is primitive camping without power, showers or flush toilets. Due to the drought and high fire danger there will be no open flames allowed whatsoever. No candles, oil or propane devices – batteries only.

Contact your coordinator if you have questions. The contact information is at the bottom of this page.

Now, let’s get started… the first thing you need to do is read the SLO Rules and Regulations.

Vendor Criteria
Please read the full vendor criteria here.

Crafts at the Central Coast Renaissance FestivalKeep in mind that this is a Renaissance theme event. Our festival is set around the year 1585 in England. We are not a pirate faire or a medieval faire – we have nothing against those but this is Elizabethan Renaissance. This applies to entertainers, guilds and vendors alike.

Don’t bother applying if you sell sunglasses, vitamins, stuffed bunnies, flea market import items … you get the picture. We do everything possible to create the illusion of Elizabethan England. That means your products and booth must conform to our theme criteria and you must wear an authentic costume. These requirements are not that difficult to meet and we can help you with suggestions for both.

Here is an excellent article to help you make your booth look appropriate.

Likewise, food must be of a nature that we can imagine it might have existed four hundred years ago. It is not difficult to meet this requirement, it might just involve a change of name or presentation of a food item. Check with the vendor coordinator for guidance.

We only allow certain numbers of vendors in each category in order to keep our overall offerings interesting and authentic, and to ensure that each vendor has the maximum exposure. Therefore, you are encouraged to apply early. Once a category fills up, it is closed.

Early Application Discount deadline: 4/1/2015

Late Fee for applications received after: 6/11/2015




Please see the Entertainer Guidelines here.

Note: All Main Stage Slots Are Filled





Below are your key contacts if you have questions or concerns:

Guild Coordinator, Michael Teubner – guilds@CCRenFaire.com (805) 674-7628

Vendor Coordinator, Sherry Scott –  slofairevendor@charter.net   805-471-6236

Media Coordinator & Entertainment Director, Rick Smith – rick@CCRenFaire.com  1-888-744-9381


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