Daily Kids’ Renaissance Costume Contest

The Renaissance Festival is great fun for all ages and is a good excuse to create wonderful costumes for your children. Outside of Halloween, it is the best reason to dress in costume and pretend to be someone else in another time.

Look at many children’s books and you’ll see that the characters are dressed like Knights and Ladies of the medieval and Renaissance era. Little boys love dressing up as knights and girls often want to be princesses.

So here’s the opportunity to help them express their creativity and fantasy role-playing by costuming them for the daily kid’s costume contest.

We hold a costume contest daily and invite all children to participate. Prizes are awarded and everyone gets a souvenir to take home. Since Sunday is Pirate Day we especially welcome pirates on Sunday but you can also be a pirate on Saturday and you don’t have to be a pirate on Sunday to participate.




The categories will be:

Best Peasant

Best Royal

Best knight

Best privateer (pirate)

Best fantasy

The following costumes may not be worn for competition: purchased costumes or rented costumes. Portions of the costume, such as a hat or shoes, may be purchased, but we want you to exercise some creativity by making significant portions of the costume. Have fun with this!

Small children must be under the control of a responsible adult at all times.

The contest will be held BOTH days at 2:00 PM on the Buccaneer Stage (pirate ship).

Prizes will be awarded and every participant will receive a nice keepsake of the contest.

Bring the kids for the Pirate Treasure Hunt and then let them go on stage for the costume contest… what a magical day they will have.

If you need help with costuming we recommend you read this costuming article. Here’s another good article. You can also buy costumes here.