Entertainer Guidelines

Each spring we invite performers to apply. Throughout the review process, many new artists are discovered. We hire performers based on the strength of their performances and material, plus their fit with our Renaissance theme event. We usually avoid repeating artists over several years to give others an opportunity, and to present a fresh program to the audience. Please understand that we often have more talented people applying than we have stage time or budget for.

Entertainer/Group Leader

You are responsible for each member of your group. As the leader of your group, it is your responsibility to ensure that EVERY MEMBER of your group knows and abides by the event rules. If you have an assistant, please include their name on the application. You and/or your assistant are required to monitor your group and to ensure that they follow the rules and regulations. You are responsible for their actions beginning with the time they check in to the time that they leave the site. This includes evenings in actor’s camp or the festival area. During festival hours all emergencies must be reported to First Aid and the administrators. Please take your responsibility seriously.


Gatelists are due to the Entertainment Director for each group by July 5, 2018. After this date there will be NO ADDITIONS to your gatelist. Additional participant wristbands cost $5.00 each. You may attach a Gate List of your members or complete the online form at http://ccrenfaire.com/applications/entertainment-applications/ if you have not already done so.

If members of your group show up Saturday or Sunday morning they will be required to buy wristbands at $5 each.


Check-in will be open from approximately noon on Friday until about 10:00 PM. We ask that you and your members check in then. Late arrivals should go to the Will Call window on Saturday morning and pay $5 for a wristband. Their name must be on your list or they will have to pay the full ticket price. Otherwise, they can have you come to the window to verify that they are members of your group and pay the $5 fee.


Tent camping is limited. We have a small area for tents. You must snug up and be close to your neighbors. There is room for about 30 contained campers (trailers, RVs, etc.) but no hookups. If any of your members are local to the SLO area, you are STRONGLY advised to stay offsite with them. You can still camp at El Chorro Regional Park, about 10 minutes away, and there are many hotels nearby but they tend to be expensive at this time of year. The Vagabond Inn is walking distance from the festival.

Tents – you may camp in your guild area IF you have a period tent. If using a non-period tent it must be completely covered so as to look period. Dropping a non-period tent in the daytime will not do – you must have it covered.


If your act uses weapons, do not use them in the audience area. The weapons policy is:

  1. Black powder weapons may be not fired at any time without proper permission.
  2. Matchlock and wheel lock muskets, harquebusses and pistols may be displayed and carried. Period cannons may be displayed (not fired).
  3. Bows and arrows may be displayed and carried. Arrows should be secured in their quivers. Arrows may be drawn and fired ONLY in designated ranges with proper bale backstops.
  4. All bladed weapons must be peace-tied to their scabbards.
  5. No swords, knives, axes or polearms may be drawn in the street except as part of a pre-approved procession. Running through the street with an unsheathed weapon is prohibited for any reason.
  6. There will be NO street fighting. All shows involving weapons must be approved in advance by the entertainment director and conducted in an approved area.
  7. Any participant violating these rules will be asked to leave the event.

Actor Notes

Actor notes are important to the smooth running of the festival. Any stage schedule changes will be announced at notes. It is important that you or one of your group be present both days for notes, which will be held each day at 9:00 AM on the Glorianna Stage.


No animals are allowed on site unless they are a part of your show and have been cleared in advance. Please leave all other animals at home. We will have any unauthorized animals removed from the site for health and safety reasons.


Thre will be security professional on site throughout the run of the festival. In addition, the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department and the SLO Police Department will be available. Any individuals found abusing alcohol, using illegal drugs or acting in a disruptive manner will be dealt with accordingly and will not be allowed to attend the festival in the future.

The gate pass issued to you is your pass to and from the camping area. If you do not have a wristband you will not be allowed to enter the actor’s camp. Please wear your pass and keep your ID with you at all times.


Parking permits will be issued upon arrival. Vehicles must be off the festival site by 8:30 AM each day. Any vehicle left on the site after this time will be towed. Park where instructed and park closely to allow the maximum number of vehicles to fit in the allotted space. Be sure to display your parking pass on your dash.


There are NO open fires or flames allowed in either the camping area or the festival site. No candles or oil lanterns are allowed. This is a very dry area and so this must be strictly enforced. Each camp is required to have a fire extinguisher.


Smoking is not allowed in the park per city rules.

Quiet Time

Quiet time will be the hours between 11:00 PM and 6:00 AM. Security will be enforcing this policy. Be aware that the festival site is across the lake from houses. Sound carries and so it is imperative that we are considerate of our neighbors.


Your props must be period. If you need advice or have questions, please see the Entertainment Director or a stage manager.

Stage Time

Please adhere to the posted show schedule. Your time on stage includes time to pass your hat if your contract allows it. Do not go over your allotted stage times.