If You’re Planning to Attend a Renaissance Fair But Are Wondering About What to Wear?

If You’re Planning to Attend a Renaissance Fair But Are Wondering About What to Wear?

By Brian Day

If you’re planning to attend a renaissance fair but are wondering about what to wear, don’t be! That happens to almost every first timer working their way to attending their first medieval festival. Therefore, they don’t know what makes good renaissance clothing or Tristan clothing! And while many are just looking for costumes to avoid the hassle, some are brave enough to mix and match.

But before one could mix and match clothes, you should first understand the rules: You must be informed of what Tristan clothing, Tudor clothes, or even medieval clothes are before you even dare making your own ‘design’! it’s actually simple too: All you have to do is to inform yourself of what people in the 16th century wore and you got yourself a pretty rough idea! But I do know that that’s not entirely easy; so I’ve listed three sources that will help you ‘get to know more’ of medieval fashion!


Books are really useful when you want to know about what people in the 16th century wore. All you have to do is to pick-up a good book that covered that time period and read! Yes, read. Books are a good resource because others go through the effort of describing every nitty gritty detail. They exert effort describing how the world looked liked then, including what people wore and what hot it looked on them – perfect if you’re doing research about medieval fashion. And because the characters have to look good, the author makes an effort to research about what would look good on a character. Pretty neat, huh?

Paintings and Portraits

Who could have thought that paintings are a great help in the process of knowing about medieval fashion? Yes, if you ever decide to go to a museum or browse pictures of how people looked like then, you’d get a rough idea of how they dressed.


And if you still want to take it the easy way, you can always log on to the internet and search for 16th century or medieval fashion and you will be greeted by several websites that do not only offer text of descriptive phrases but even of pictures of people, wearing medieval clothes. Plus, compared to books and looking at portraits, its easier this way.

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