Knights of Mayhem Joust

Knights of Mayhem is a foreboding team of brave knights which include MMA fighters, professional bull riders, professional female jousters and pro sports athletes. They practice a heavy armor style of jousting called Realgestech and what separates this full contact style of jousting from all others, is the gear that the knights wear.

Knights of Mayhem gained stardom as they started in their own show featured on the National Geographic Channel, the Netflix series White Rabbit Project and Nickelodeon’s Jagger Eaton’s Mega Life.


 The Knights of Mayhem have jousted and competed in thousands of shows, events, and competitions and perform around the world, and have taken the heavy armor, full contact jousting from being seen predominately at renaissance fairs into stadiums and arenas. These jousts are anything but a reenactment. This is an extreme pro sport in the Professional Jousting League.   It is hardcore, hard-hitting, and a very REAL sport.

Charlie Mason Andrews is Captain of The Knights of Mayhem 
Charlie (Sir Charles) Mason Andrews, is the founder and captain of the Knights of Mayhem.

Charlie is the 12 time reigning World Champion in Heavy Armor Full Contact Jousting.  He is a crusader that supports causes, such as Back The Badge, honoring our Heroes in Blue, as well as being an avid supporter of our Veterans and active duty military as well.

A true King of Hearts, Charlie works to improve the lives of Special Needs Children with developmental and physical disabilities, as well as working with many children who are suffering from childhood cancer.
Charlie is also a renowned equestrian, horse trainer, and clinician, and is currently working on his PATH instructor certification.