Eat, Drinke and Shoppe For Fyne WaresVendor

You find the most delightful things at the Renaissance Festival, and there’s something for everyone. If you want to dress like us you can find shirts, bodices, britches, doublets, skirts, boots, hats, belts and complete outfits of the period. Get a hair weave or a henna tattoo. There’s beautiful jewelry, leather goods, handmade soaps, tankards and so much more. Men love the swords and knives. Kids will enjoy face painting, pony rides and games.

Of course you’ll get hungry when you smell the delicious aromas of food in the air, and our food purveyors can satisfy any hunger including a wide range of grilled meats such as roasted turkey legs and tri-tip to sandwiches, meatballs and foods from Mexico and the Orient to salads, ice cream and other delights.

Thirsty? How about freshly squeezed lemonade, draft root beer, tea, coffee, water, beer, wine or honey mead… it’s all delicious.

Be sure to spend some time enjoying all of the wonderful merchandise our vendors and craftsmen have brought for you.


The Elfin Forest


Author Jenna Elizabeth Johnson

Bard’s Cloak of Tales

Chain Mail

Mushy Metals

CovenTree Olde World Market


Alter Ego Costumes

Faire Ladies, Faire Lords

Fawnbridge Arts

Gold River Costumes

Hearts Delight – Adult Clothing

Hearts Delight – Children’s Clothing

Past and Peasant

Sylvan Woods

The Royal Peasant

Tribal Art Wear


Face Painting



Abuelita’s Mexican Kitchen

Groaning Boar/Works of Wonder

Hot and Smooth

NHS Theater Company

Pop Korner Kettle Korn

SLO Pasty Company

Steve’s Hawaiian Shave Ice

Sunblest Foods

Temple of Siam

V/T Express

Weasel Inn Sassparilly, Root Beer, Cream Soda


Fortune’s Folly Gaming Guild

Renaissance Archery

Shetland Pony Rides

Hair Braiding & Accessories

Enchanted Braids

For Your Pleasure


Henna Tattoos

The Gypsy Lounge

The Wenches Henna


Aileen’s Art

Museum Replica Shoppe

Full Moon

Sisters Three

Amber Wench/Flame & Forge

Purple Dragon Jewlery

Crown Fellowship

Phoenix and Crow

Sisters Three

Leather Goods


Cyndi’s Sheep Shack

Firebrand Leather

Knightscross Leatherworks

The Leather Shop

Runed Forever


Mad Zanni Masks


Art of The Boomerang

Lacemaking by Lara The Lacemaker

Willowroot Wands

Wood, Stone, Leather & Bone


Dreamsinger Music


Soaps, Incense, Mystical


Sage’s Woolenglass

Squid Balm


Reedley Clayworks

Stained Glass

Dragonfly Stained Glass


Age of Chivalry

Caitlin’s Cutlery

Coventree Olde World Market

Govannon’s Forge

Medieval Replicas




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