Renaissance Weddings

Going Back In Time: Plan A Renaissance Period Wedding

By Amy Spade

With the romantic feelings in the air, it’s no wonder that a classic theme of weddings is the renaissance or medieval times. There is a sense of chivalry and grace in that period that is easily captured for a wedding theme.

Creating the scene

The first thing that helps a renaissance themed wedding is the actual setting. If there is an older church or an outdoor setting that you can agree upon, it’s best to start there. The renaissance was a time where people were closer to nature, so incorporating something outdoors might be nice.

You could decorate the area with a lot of simple bunches of flowers. Think of the times as simpler and you’re sure to find even more ideas. Ribbons make for wonderful decorations as well. They can be tied to pews or to chairs as a subtle touch of beauty.

Your wedding party attire will also make an impression. The bride may want to wear something long and flowing with bell sleeves and an intricate bodice. Anything that looks like a corset is beautiful, though they’re much more comfortable now.

The groom is a little trickier as many men don’t want to wear leggings or tights, but a luxurious coat with a thick brocade pattern might be the perfect way to show his dedication to the theme. Bridesmaids and groomsmen can have different colored versions of the outfits.

You might also want to ask your guests to come in similar attire. Just make a notation on the invitation and have the entire setting be transported back into time.

All in the details

The ceremony can have a more nature-oriented theme as well. This can include the lighting of candles, as well as the jumping of the broom and sword. This is an African tradition that blends in quite well. This is the signal that the new couple will be working together from that moment on.

To truly capture the renaissance theme, it’s the details that matter. Give your guests small sachets of lavender or some other fragrant herb. Attach some folklore to it as well. Or you can have traditional Celtic or medieval musicians play for the reception.

A feast of roasted pig or lamb would also be appropriate–though you don’t have to eat it straight off the bone, like in days of old. Have plenty of drink and candles and you’re well on your way to a renaissance themed wedding.

Give your guests a hint of the theme by including a renaissance poem in the invitation, or sealing them with wax and your new monogram. Themed weddings are all about the details. Do some research and find some that work for you.

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