This July 19 and 20 the Central Coast Renaissance Festival will celebrate it’s 30th annual event. That’s a really long time for a non-profit event to exist anywhere, but especially on the Central Coast. During this time we have seen many events come and go, but we’re stronger than ever.

Our success is due to a small but dedicated group of individual who work tirelessly for most of the year to put on the event, but to an even greater degree it is due to the loyal following of our guests. We consistently average around 5,000 paying guests each year. A good number of them are locals who return year after year, along with people who come from various places to join the fun.

Local businesses can participate in many ways. Hotels can offer special prices to the over 800 actors and vendors who come to put on the festival, as well as the out of town guests who attend. Restaurants can offer discounts to diners who are guests or participants. Hardware and equipment rental outlets can help by donating equipment or giving us discounts on things we need. Media outlets participate by helping to promote the event. There are so many ways to become involved.

Sponsor logos will be featured on all large print ads and our poster, like the one below. There will be extensive media coverage locally including many ads in New Times, including a back cover; ads in the Tribune including a back cover of Ticket, ads in almost all local publications with links back to the website; posters distributed all over the core of San Luis Obispo County; and more.

To learn more, please contact Rick Smith at 805-927-0199 or Rick@CCRenFaire.com.


Sample Poster With Sponsor Logos