Sunday is “Be A Pirate Day”

Because There’s A Little Pirate In Everybody

Each year we strive to do something different and more exciting than the last. In the past, we have limited our participants to strictly being Elizabethan citizens, from around the year 1585.  This is the height of the English Renaissance when Elizabeth I was Small-Pirate-BoyQueen.

Due to the popularity of the pirate theme, thanks in large part to the Pirates of The Caribbean movies, this year we’re making Sunday ‘Be A Pirate Day.’ We’re allowing our participants and vendors to dress as pirates and display pirate merchandise if they wish. We even have a pirate ship where kids can come aboard and learn swashbuckling with balloon swords at Buccaneer Boot Camp (it’s free).

On Sunday, there’s a free Pirate’s Treasure Hunt that kids will love. They’ll be provided with a “Booty Bag” which they can fill with all sorts of treasures from vendors about the village. This is free for our young guests and is always a huge hit.

The costume contest will be held both days and there are more activities for the young ones both days including face painting, archery, juggling lessons, fencing lessons, games, storytelling, a magic show and so much more.