SLO Rules & Regulations

These Rules and Regulations apply to everyone participating in the festival.

We are here to have fun so leave the politics at home.

Wristbands will be secured on the wrist unless you get approval due to your duties, that must have them secured elsewhere. Do not assume that you are allowed to attach them to your ankle, belt or armband.

Wristbands will only be given out at check-in. Valid photo ID is required. There will be a $5.00 charge for a replacement wristband.

Parking passes shall be issued at check in (There is a $5.00 charge per car). To obtain a parking pass, participants must provide make, model, plate number (and state), group affiliation and responsible person’s name at check in. Parking passes must include the group affiliation and driver’s name legibly printed on it.  Also, include a cell phone number at which you can be reached while on site.

Participant parking will be at the rear of the park, behind actor’s camp. Parking spaces will be marked in chalk. You must park close and orderly in order to make enough space for everyone.

There is a limited amount of tent camping available. Please camp CLOSE to your neighbor to maximize the space. There are no showers.

Notes will be held at 9:00 am on Saturday and Sunday. A representative from each group and vendor must attend. Scheduling changes, security issues, and teardown instructions will be made at notes.

All participants shall comply with all Federal and State laws and local ordinances, especially regarding minors and drinking, use of controlled or illegal substances. Any violation of the law is a cause for immediate expulsion from the festival and/ or arrest.

No pets are allowed at this event. If you have an animal that essential for your show, you must provide proof of liability insurance. Approval must be made ahead of time. Service animals are allowed, only with approval ahead of time (minimum of ten days).

Cell phones will remain out of site of patrons at all times.  Nothing can break the fantasy of being back in time faster than seeing a costumed actor on a cell phone. Please help us keep the fantasy alive. If a cell phone is not turned off during the festival, it must be turned to silent.

All  booths must have a charged 3A40BC fire extinguisher

There is no smoking on site. This is a San Luis Obispo County ordinance and will be enforced. If you must smoke then do so in your automobile, not behind a booth or tent. The first offense gets a warning; the second offense will result in your removal from faire.

Weapons will be peace-tied at all times during the festival.  It a weapon is found to not to be tied, it will be confiscated.

If the event dates of the event must be changed there will be no refunds, but a credit will be awarded for the next event.

After hour events must be approved by Festival event management, prior to the gathering and before the festival starts.

The responsible party (who signs the application or contract) of each group is responsible for making sure said group is aware of all the rules and regulations.

Security will be provided for all areas of the event site including actor’s camp, festival site, and parking lots. However, HR, their officers, employees, volunteers, and agents are not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen articles.  HR has final say in all matters.

By attending this festival, you give express permission to be photographed, recorded  and allow those photographs to be used in future advertising.  This does include all members of your group also.

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